Angelino Bozzi Hut

Angelino Bozzi Hut


Loc. Montozzo
Ponte di Legno , BS
+39 0364900152

Angelino Bozzi Hut, m.2478, is located in Montozzo hollow, in elevated position in respect to Case di Viso, m.1763, picturesque locality of Ponte di legno municipality, in Camonica Valley (BS).

Easily accessible, it allows to reach by car the picnic area of the Stelvio National Park above Case di Viso where a convenient military mule track, marked by the trail sign CAI n°52, leads to the hut in approximately1,45 hours.

The hut can be reached from Pejo, Tonale Pass and Gavia Pass too. The hut is dedicated to the memory of Angelino Bozzi, aspiring official and silver medal, dead on the nearby Torrione d’Albiolo during the White War. As testimony, in the surroundings remain the ruins of a military village, recently refurbished and turned into  “open-air museum”.

The comfortable and family-run hut is waiting for you with an excellent typical cuisine.


Hut contacts

MANAGER: Monica Fantino
HUT PHONE NUMBER: +39 0364 900152
MOBILE PHONE NUMBER: +39 3356215363
Useful information
LOCALITY: Montozzo
MUNICIPALITY: Ponte Di Legno    VALLEY: Di Viso
Access to the hut
From Case Di Viso
Time: 01:45  Elevation gain: 700mt
Type: Hiking 
Path: 52
From Passo Del Tonale
Time: 02:00  Elevation gain: +800/-200mt
Type: Hiking 
Path: 111
From Pejo
Time: 3:50  Elevation gain: +900/-100mt
Type: Hiking 
Path: 111b/111
From Case Di Viso
Time: 01:30  Elevation gain: 700mt 
Path: 52