Train, bus, car rent, sail on lake Iseo

navigazione Lago di IseoThe Valle Camonica is viable through various means of public transport that will give the chance to the visitors to admire the rich natural landscape offered by the Valley of the signs .
The train, that offer a scenic and relaxing trip, crosses the entire Valle Camonica: from Brescia , along the Lake Iseo up to Bon Voyage Pisogne, comes in Edolo, the last stop in the Upper Valley.
There are also regular bus services for Moving between the various ancient villages and places of tourist interest, for those unwilling to give up the convenience of travel by car will be able to turn to car or taxi services.

 Public transports

  • Ferrovie Trenord  800 500 005
  • FNMA Autoservizi + 39 02 961 921 (Centralino)  |   +39 036 421 208 (Breno)
  • SAB Autoservizi 800 139 392  |   +39 035 289 000
  • Navigazione Lago di Iseo +39 035 971 483
  • Flixbus +39 02 947 59 208 (scopri i bus che arrivano fino a Bergamo)
  • Virail, il portale in grado di confrontare tutti i mezzi di trasporto a disposizione per raggiungere una determinata destinazione. Il comparatore collabora con oltre 200 compagnie ferroviarie, di autobus, compagnie aeree e car pooling per trovare la migliore soluzione di viaggio

Car rents