The Asinino-Anvòia Archaeological Park

The Asinino-Anvòia Archaeological Park


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The Asinino-Anvòia archaeological park is located in the heart of the Ossimo-Borno plateau.The area, already brought to notice in the 1950s, is currently being excavated by Lombardy’s Soprintendenza Archeologica. In the 80s and 90s it was the object of numerous surveys that revealed very important data for understanding the Copper Age in Valle Camonica (3rd millennium BCE).

Driving about 2 km on the paved road from San Rocco church in Ossimo Inferiore, you reach the entrance of the park in the Asinino area. From here you can walk to the sites of Anvòia, Pàt and Passagròp.

The area can be enjoyed thanks to a series of information panels that show the field work led by Dr. Francesco Fedele in Anvòia from 1988 to 2003 for Federico II University of Naples.

The site is part of a larger context characterized by standing stones from the Copper Age, following a prearranged order. These places, considered sacred by the ancestors, were organized with a heedful eye on the surrounding natural environment. The sites, located near rocky crags or over small plateaus, have been opened to the public by clearing of vegetation, and modified with the inclusion of unmovable stones, often imported from other places.

In the Anvòia area four differently-sized boulders were found in a north-to-south alignment. Three of them were facing east, with all main sides fully engraved. Particularly important the in situ discovery of votive offerings, pole holes and heaps of pebbles intermingled with stele remains, probably wilfully broken.

The figures engraved on the surfaces of the three main boulders represent, in a very stylized way, human faces; it is possible to identify some “U” or “T” shaped parallel lines, overlapping triangles, spectacles-like pendants and collars. Only the monolith named “M3” presents daggers with triangular blade and a half-moon knob, defined “Remedello” type, dating from 2800-2400 BCE.

Even though the site that can be visited today is a remake of what has been found and the boulders are resin reproductions of the originals (removed for conservation purposes), the area maintains its importance. First of all it testifies a phase, The Copper Age, when the primitive artist did not engrave large fixed surfaces, but movable rocks.

Furthermore, this site confirms the old-time relations of exchanges with nearby Valtellina, where numerous steles have been found resembling the Camunian ones.

Getting here

Reach the town of Ossimo Inferiore an follow the signs to the San Rocco church. From here take the road (about 2 Km) heading for the Asinino area. After entering this footpath you reach  Pat, a locality where an information board points to the main entrance of the Park. It’s possible to park the car in the same area.