Trekking | Alta Via Mortirolo - Gavia


Trekking | Alta Via Mortirolo - Gavia

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Recommended travel time: 2-3 days
1 stage
Valle dei segni

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Level of difficulty: FOR EXPERT HIKERS

These paths are generally marked but imply an ability to tackle particular terrain.
Paths or sections over arduous or treacherous terrain (steep and/or slippery, grassy slopes, or mixed slopes of rocks and grass, or rocks and screed); varied terrain, at relatively high altitudes (stony ground, short snow-covered sections, open slopes without points of reference, etc.); rocky terrain, with technical difficulty (equipped paths, via ferrata routes of less difficulty). Excluded, instead, from this rating are routes over glaciers, even if flat and/or apparently without cracks (because crossing them would require the use of ropes and pick axe and a knowledge of anchoring manoeuvres).
Required: experience of mountains in general and a good knowledge of the alpine environment; sure-footedness and absence of vertigo; suitable equipment and physical preparation.



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I punti di interesse dell'itinerario Alta Via Mortirolo - Gavia

I luoghi, le attività, le bellezze lungo l’itinerario...

I luoghi, le attività, le bellezze lungo l’itinerario...

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